Raven Fencing Jacket

Raven fencing jacket is made for the trainings, HEMA and duel fencing competitions. It is designed to meet whatever needs of fencers, it is the all-purpose equipment that protects from damage caused by sabre, Renaissance rapier and even by longsword. Raven jacket provides a sufficient level of protection, is ergonomic and convenient.
  • Article: 07TME-T01
  • Weight: 0 pt.
  • Made in: Россия

Raven fencing jacket (M)
Raven fencing jacket (XL)
  • 136,9 USD (10 000 ₽)
  • 13 700 ₽

Materials: top - cotton-based wear-resistant fabric, genuine chamois cloth; lining - mixed fabric; filler - non-woven interlining material; accessories - zipper, elastic bands, hook-and-loop fasteners.

✔ sleeve provides full mobility (suitable for all types of fencing weapons, especially for longsword)

✔ lightweight: comfortable to wear and quick-drying

✔ collar with a blade catcher, prolonged at the rear; with a chamois insert on the front side

✔ genuine chamois inserts on the front side of a jacket

✔ chamois elbow insert

✔ advanced zipper with two zipper pullers, wide hook-and-loop fasteners

✔ manufacturing: our products are made by professionals using special machinery

✔ branding