FoxTail Standart Gloves

Materials: high-quality aniline leather (0.9 mm), protective plastic inserts, soft filler, textile lining (in cuffs).
Purpose: HEMA, LARP, knife, stick fighting, HMB Soft, sports sword.
Details: elongated gaiters, a wrist strap on the wrist to adjust the size, vertical segments on the back of the palm.
  • Article: 92SSE-A01
  • Weight: 0.3 pt.
  • Made in: -

  • 61,64 USD (4 500 ₽)

One of the bestsellers of our studio and an extremely important element in the equipment of modern HEMA athletes. Gloves fit the hand perfectly, do not constrain movement, are light, sit comfortably on any sleeve. Designed to be worn over the forearm protection. Durable aniline leather, plastic inserts and soft lining provide adequate protection and allow you to focus on achieving victory. The key difference from similar products is stronger leather and elongated cuff. Thanks to a velcro strap at the gloves' wrist it can be easily regulated and do not hold down the movement.

FoxTail Standart Gloves is a model that was developed primarily for fencing with military and duel sabers. They are also excellent for fencing with the Rapier, knife, baton fights in HMB Soft format, also good for sports sword and LARP.

Gloves are not suitable for longsword duels and for Sidesword and buckler. However can be used in training in excluded directions, provided the fact that direct strikes to the hands will be excluded from the technical arsenal.


Hand girth 17-19 19-20 20-22 22-24 24-26
Hand length 19 19 19 20 20