FoxTail Raven

A reliable overlay with studious fit. Tight fit on the mask, convenient mounts, auditory holes. Segmented plastic back protector provides reliable protection without loss of mobility. One of the main advantages - the chin strap is now attached to a special plastic frame. If the belt has worn down, you can replace it with a new one in no-time, preventing the headpiece from flying off your mask.

Materials: wearproof cotton-based fabric, foam padding, lightweight high impact plastic, line, rubber bands, velcro, metal eyelets and the plastic frame for attaching the chinstrap, which can now be easily replaced if it is worn down, which is one of the advantageous sides of our mask overlay.
Sizes: universal
  • Article: 07TME-H01
  • Weight: 0.53 pt.
  • Made in: Россия

FoxTail Raven (Универсальный)
  • 68,49 USD (5 000 ₽)

FoxTail Defender mask overlay will protect your head and back of the head from blows and thrusts, while ensuring the safety of your fencing mask, prolonging the mask's lifespan by absorbing most of the impact. Nowadays such an enhancement of the fencing mask is considered not only in HEMA, but in other related martial arts like knife or stick fighting.

Designed for masks: PBT Flite, Allstar and for sports fencing analogues.

Suitable for all HEMA nominations, including paired weapons and longsword.