FoxTail Gorget

Fencing gorget is one of the most important elements of equipment for the fencer. It will protect you from thrusts and blows to the neck. Does not constrain the movement, can be easily worn under a fencing jacket as well as over it.

Materials: wearproof cotton-based fabric, foam padding, flexible plastic, line, metal fitting.
Sizes: S (women), M (men)
  • Article: 07TME-H02
  • Weight: 0 pt.
  • Made in: Россия

FoxTail Gorget (S)
FoxTail Gorget (M)
  • 50,68 USD (3 700 ₽)

✔ ergonomic: does not constrain the movement, does not interfere with tightening/extension/raising of your hands

✔ convenient, adjustable fasteners (line with velcro, passed through a metal frame)

✔ the seam between the stand-up collar and the central segment has an additional elastic fabric “roller” inside

✔ central segment is reinforced with flexible plastic

✔ a softener runs along the edge of the stand-up collar and protects the fencer’s chin from collisions

✔ fits under fencing jacket of almost any model

✔ allowed in all NEMA nominations

✔ can be modified: protection of the clavicles, if desired, can be independently cut off without losing the reliability of neck protection.

  Neck girth 35-40 sm 40-45 sm