Raven Fencing Jacket

177,9 USD (13 700 RUB)

Raven fencing jacket is made for the trainings, HEMA and duel fencing competitions. It is designed to meet whatever needs of fencers, it is the all-purpose equipment that protects from damage caused b...

Black Stone Leg Guards

72,72 USD (5 600 RUB)

BlackStone Leg Guard is made specially for contact fencing with steel and plastic weapons. It was tested by professional fencers during regular trainings and international tournaments that dem...

Raven mask overlay

64,93 USD (5 000 RUB)

A reliable overlay with studious fit. Tight fit on the mask, convenient mounts, auditory holes. Segmented plastic back protector provides reliable protection without loss of mobility. One of the...

FoxTail Standart Gloves

62,33 USD (4 800 RUB)

Materials: high-quality aniline leather (0.9 mm), protective plastic inserts, soft filler, textile lining (in cuffs).
Purpose: HEMA, LARP, knife, stick fighting, HMB Soft, sports sword.

RavennDave Hip Guards

58,44 USD (4 500 RUB)

Hip Protector for men and women
Materials: leather (5mm), waxing, nylon
Size: universal (length – 37cm, width – 36cm, length of fastener – 7cm, length of belt – 120cm+)

Black Stone wrist & elbow guard

49,35 USD (3 800 RUB)

In addition to high strength, Black Stone bracelets are lightweight and conveniently attached. In combination, these two factors allow you to fencing with virtually no sense of limitations.

FoxTail Standart Gorget

48,05 USD (3 700 RUB)

Fencing gorget is one of the most important elements of equipment for the fencer. It will protect you from thrusts and blows to the neck. Does not constrain the movement, can be easily worn unde...

FoxTail Renaissance Gloves

38,96 USD (3 000 RUB)

Elegant fencing gloves made of genuine leather, an excellent choice for the Renaissance Rapier, Baroque Rapier, demonstration duels. Serve as a good decoration in the collection of your protecti...


36,36 USD (2 800 RUB)

Made for all HEMA and duel fencing
Materials: cotton-based wear-resistant fabric; lining: foam material, flexible plastic, strop, hook-and-loop fasteners, metal fittings

Vento Back of the Head Protector

27,27 USD (2 100 RUB)

The Vento Protector fits all types of masks with standard fastening (Allstar, PBT, Flite, Negrini, Leon Paul, etc.)

Saber Case

19,48 USD (1 500 RUB)