FoxTail Equipment?

Using foxtail products, you do not need to focus on equipment anymore, just enjoy fencing! In this article we want to introduce our brand.

The look from the inside

Foxtail equipment studio was established by HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) experts and admirers. Our clients can be sure that we take into account all nuances of equipment and show the detailed awareness of martial arts. Analyzing our and other experts’ experience, we are looking for new solutions of existing problems in the world of fencing.


Made for HEMA

FT equipment is designed specially for historical fencing. Time-tested technologies and our fresh ideas result in brand new products that perfectly fit fencers. Most FT products are delivered directly from the manufacturer.

Your own fencing style

You can be sure of full protection during the competition and of your stylish appearance at the moment of victory (over yourself or a competitor). We care both about your wellness and about decent look. Our clients are definitely not fashion sinners!

Only the best ideas work for FTE

Every day we communicate with fencers: amateurs, experienced sportsmen, champions and coaches. Their main requirements on equipment are completely different. The more developed the discipline becomes, the higher the expectations.
We put a lot of effort to satisfy he needs of our clients and strike the balance between all required qualities of equipment. Our studio monitors tendencies and implements new technologies to enhance the quality of our equipment. We welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions.


Main qualities

Choosing materials for our equipment we take into account durability, weight, usability and appearance.And it works! Our equipment is lighter, than average. That is especially important for intensive everyday training and competing.
We value good tailoring, durable materials and recognizable design. We react immediately (like all fencers do) and do not to put off plans and ideas in order to make FT equipment more comfortable to wear and use.


Life beyond fencing

We expand the range of products and offer equipment not only to fencers but also to people who value the aesthetics of Middle Ages, Renaissance and modern fencing. If you like wearing special clothes for fencing, we will be glad to help you find your own style.
Foxtail equipment is the official organization. Ninety per cent of our products are manufactured in Russia. We guarantee the high quality of equipment, productive communication and efficient services.
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Author: Elena Muzurina, the Head of FoxTail Studio